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We know that in today’s fast moving and highly competitive employment market the most important component are the people, Whether you’re an employer or worker, our job is to ensure you can obtain the best outcome with the least hassle. Our process is simple- provide the highest level of service based on specifics unique to each role.

It’s essential to provide firms with fast access to the best talent who can make a difference. We therefore specialise in 3 niche areas – Teaching, IT and Social Care.

We resource and provide rewarding opportunities for people working in the IT industry. And build strong ongoing relationships with our clients and candidates covering a mix of locum, permanent and contract roles throughout the UK.

The strength of our business is the people we employ. We’ve been successfully recruiting for niche markets since 2006. We love what we do – so should you…

Our aim is to make your next hire easy. Let us do all the hard work for you so you can concentrate on what you do best- Your job.

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