We know the ever-growing advancements in the world of technology, is making a lot more students choose the more technological path when apply for university. Once you’ve graduated there can be a period of uncertainty when you’re deciding how to apply your degree to an actual job. This is where GLG can help, whether you are about to graduate or graduated recently, we can help to realise your post grad ambitions. GLG knows how difficult it can be coming out of university and getting that first placement. We have multiple graduates working for us as consultants who will be helping you find your path for your future, and we take great pleasure in that. This gives them the understanding of what it is like coming out of university looking for work, as they were once in your shoes.

Each graduate comes to us with different aspirations and challenges, and we take time to work with everyone on a personal level to devise an effective strategy to meet individual goals. To achieve that, we work with companies across the IT sector, from small-scale start-ups to large corporate companies.

We are looking for ambitious, forward-thinking graduates, who have a real passion to get stuck into the working world of IT. If your background is computer science or cyber security, whatever type of IT degree you have – GLG can turn that ambition into reality. Our relationship-based approach is integral to ensuring that each candidate’s skills and career goals are taken into account when devising a personal strategy for success. At all stages from identifying the most suitable vacancies to landing the right job, we offer assistance and support throughout the process.

We want to stay with you during your career – not only when you graduate. Get in touch with us to discuss your options.