There is always a significant demand for web developers, software developers, Java developers and C#/C developers across a variety of industries. We find that most are hiring developers with experience of Java, VB, .NET and C# to work on projects including website enhancements, desktop applications and web based apps as well as analysing, reviewing and maintaining systems.

At GLG Technology we treat every developer’s applicant personally, we respect your time during the job search, there will be no automation through the process.

GLG Technology covers Front end, Back end and Full stack, we can facilitate what is needed for the client, with the best developer we have to offer.

The companies who hire on our platform have been hand-vetted by our own team. We say no to opportunities that do not meet our standards, and only accept developers who we are confident that can get hired on our platform.

Our strongest asset is our team. In an increasingly competitive industry, our IT recruitment consultants continue to add value to each recruitment campaign by intelligently working in partnership with you, working exactly the way you want to. Providing knowledge, expertise and IT industry insights to ensure your hiring process runs smoothly.